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What is up with "motherly"?

I must apologize; I am not the best blogger.  If you follow me you would know there can be a lengthy wait for my next blog (blogging is not my full-time gig).  I think it creates suspense for those who can't wait for my next blog but sucks for those who really can't wait for my next blog.  Oh the sorrow!  I will try to get it together and write more often (I feel I have said this before in another blog). I want to say I promise but I don't want to break a promise; best not to promise but try harder. The topic of this blog has been nestled in my head and heart for the past few months.  After distancing myself from the emotions of it (which tends to happen after I have taken a few breaths) I talked (I mean vented) to my supports and looked at it from multiple angles (which can take up to a few months to do).  I am now ready to write about it.  But first let me premise it with a story; everyone loves a story within a story as it winds the truth into focus. Back when I was

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