The Strangest Thing Happened

Tonight (unless you are in a different part of the world where it happened on the 27th) a blood moon (July 27/28th) and a lunar eclipse will grace the night sky.  I read that this moon is going to cause a shift in energy which might make others seek truths, find their power, feel emotional and/or a bit testy! Yep, some astrological signs might get too emotional!  Howah! Well, that is what I read and it won't last that long - maybe a week or two.  If you don’t believe in energy and the shift the moon (grandmother) can bring about to those of us on Earth, then what I am going to write in this blog might not jive with you.  I will however try my best to see that it does. If not, I am sorry, I cannot return your thoughts as they were before (true story). 
I started my morning off with a run.  It wasn’t a hard run, but it wasn’t an easy run either.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but it is the best way to describe my run.  After my run, I did my usual stretching and setting my intent for the day.  I find if I set an intent then the rest of the day follows the intent.  Yea, it sounds hocus pocus but it’s not, and I would suggest you give it a try to see what happens.  Anyway, my intent for the day was to allow in the positive and light and to also speak it.  It’s easy to speak negatives but not so easy to speak positives.  Debwewin (truth). 

As I went about the morning, I contemplated heading to Sudbury (Sudbury is a city - in case you aren’t familiar with it).  Last night I checked my emails and noticed Fabricland (a store that sells fabrics and a whole bunch of other awesome sewing stuff!) was having a sale.  I sew and for me a sale is like gold at the end of the rainbow!  I have been looking for an adjustable dress form that wasn’t going to break my bank (the average cost is about $600), so I figured today was my lucky day and got in my car and drove to Sudbury.  Yep, it doesn’t take much to get me going!  While driving (it’s an hour or so drive), I started thinking about the book I put off writing many years ago – the one about my journey through breast cancer.  I had gotten a lot of requests to write about my journey, yet it remains unwritten.   I mulled that thought over for a bit before it ended with me agreeing to myself that it was time to start the book.  It was a good ending to my thoughts – my intent was following me – the intent of light.
So, when I arrived at Fabricland and opened the door to go in, I could see a dress form standing near the cash register.   And as I got closer (I have bifocals, so I must get closer), I saw it was on sale for $155 (normal price was $700) and that it was the last one! OMG! So, I grabbed it and had the clerk box it for me as I went about looking (and purchasing) fabric.  Howah, it was as if the Gods (I don’t know what Gods – maybe the Gods that follow me around?) decided to get together and surprise me. Hey, it could happen; remember intent?

I left Fabricland super happy and not believing my luck!  I decided to test my luck by heading to a running store in hopes of finding a water repellant jacket; what I found were giggles!  The sales clerk and I giggled because my arms were super tight in all the running coats I tried on.  Normally I would freak at having to go up another size in clothing, but today I, and the sales clerk, giggled at the absurdity of sizes.   We laughed and chatted for 15 minutes as I went about searching for something to buy.  I didn’t know her, and she didn’t know me, but it seemed natural to giggle at each other.  As I left the running store, I couldn’t help but think that light had found me again – my morning intent.

I then scooted off to a natural food store that I go to all the time.  Having celiac disease and other dietary restrictions limits what I can eat.  Health food stores, while a bit expensive, are another Godsend….ha!  So, as I was going about my business of finding a flour that I could bake with, a womyn came down the aisle looking very frazzled.  She had the sales clerk beside her trying to answer her questions, yet the womyn was still unsure of what she had to get.  I heard them talking and realized that she had to follow the same diet that I did so I shared what was best.  As the sales clerk left, the frazzled womyn looked at me and thanked me.  I said, “no worries”, and thought that was the end of the conversation.  She then said something that took me by surprise, “You had breast cancer, right?”
In my mind I couldn’t fathom how she knew I had breast cancer.  I quickly scanned any possibility of it showing that I did, but I couldn’t find a thing!  Did she have x-ray vision enabling her to see my scars through my clothes?  Stranger things have been known to happen, but I don’t think so.   I answered her by saying, “yes, I had breast cancer 21 years ago”.  At that moment, as I spoke those words, I noticed her frazzled look change to one of relief.  She began explaining that she was just diagnosed with breast cancer, had terrible anxiety and was told she couldn’t eat anymore grains, sugar and milk products.  She had just come from a body scan where she had been injected with a dye and it made her mouth taste like metal; something I know so well from my days of chemotherapy.  I helped her choose the best products to use and even recommended a natural medicinal spray for her anxiety.  She, and her companion that was with her, thanked me so much that I felt like I was walking on clouds when I went to pay for my items.  Even the sales clerks thanked me for helping her (and them) through my recommendations.  Before I left, I gave her my contact information (she was just about to ask me for it when I handed it to her).  Once outside the store and in my car, I marvelled at what had just happened; I spoke my positive.

A few more stops and then I was on my way home, my mind still trying to make sense of how the womyn could have known I had breast cancer.  Taking the thoughts further, was it coincidence that she is the exact same age as me (50), that this morning I thought about writing my breast cancer journey, and that I could defuse her anxiety because I personally know what works for it? How at that exact moment did we come to meet to share a story that needed to be heard?  
Grandmother (moon) is powerful.  When she goes through changes, we experience them too (day and night).   We like to think we don’t, but we do.  I can’t scientifically tell you how it happens, but it does (not the best explanation but its the only one I have).   Some things are best left unanswered and to be taken as they are – teachings.  The womyn with breast cancer is a clear example; a teaching for me (and her). I don't know exactly what the teaching is but that's the beauty of teachings - what lies underneath that we don't see and eventually learn.
Grandmother (moon) also teaches us that it is okay to not know everything, to acknowledge our emotions and the emotions of others.   Sometimes our need to know things and/or our emotions get the best of us and we need a little help from others to move us through them.  We grow through our experiences and more importantly, we grow by helping others through theirs.   
The strangest thing happened today; I shifted with the Grandmother (moon).  I sought my truth, let my emotions move as they should, and found power in intent.  If you look closely, you might see that you shifted too.
Mii wi

Carrianne Agawa


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